Weighing indicators-A&D – AD-4401 Standard System

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A&D’s AD-4401 Standard Batching System

Basic Batching Setup Controller

  • Automatic and Manual Illuminated Operator Controls
  • Three speed (fast, medium & slow) feeding control
  • Internal Memory for Storing Setpoint Weight Targets
  • Automatic Batch Accumulation of Count or Net Weight
  • Automatic Taring of Bags/Boxes/Containers before batching
  • Automatic Re-Start for Multi-Cycle Batching (Zero Band)
  • Discharge Start & Time control
  • Manufacturers Warranty for 12 Months
Capacity & Increment Customisable capacity & increments
Power Source 240V AC mains
Water-proof rating IP65 Splash proof

– Weighing Indicator and Weight Controller for all industrial platform scales, truck or container scales – A&D – AD-4401 Standard System – Select high quality Weighing Indicator products varied in Weighing, Accuracy and Display Type highly-intelligent digital weight and scale indicators is designed for any weighing application in any industry. http://weighing.lotusscale.com/category/weighing-indicator/
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