Vibra Shinko AJ SERIES AJ220E – AJ420E – AJ620E-lotusscale

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Vibra Shinko AJ SERIES AJ220E – AJ420E – AJ620E

( Lotus weighing indicator by Ohaus

Vibra Shinko AJ Series : AJ220E – AJ420E – AJ620E

1/ Vibra Shinko AJ Series- Features:

ViBRA AJ series provides four weighing modes, simple weight measurement, parts counting, percentage weighing and carat measurement for jewelers. You can easily switch the weighing mode by pushing function key. vibra-shinko-aj-weighing-modes
Density Measurement Kit Option

The density measurement kit can be available as option.

*No program to automatically calculate the density is installed in ViBRA AJ series. Just the kit as option.
vibra-shinko-aj-display Bright, White Back-light

Large LCD (16.5mm height) with bright & white back-light makes the weighing operation easy and comfortable even in the dark location.

Short Stabilization & Stable Indication

Short stabilization time and stable indication are important feature in the precise weight measurement. The innovative tuningfork sensor in ViBRA AJ series meets this demand and satisfies you.

Keep the Weighing Accuracy

The model with name AJ”H” has semi-automatic built-in calibration weight. You can easily calibrate the balance with built-in weight. It ensures the accurate and precise weighing operation.

Draft Windshield as Standard

The draft windshield is available as standard for 220g-620g capacity models. It realizes the ideal environment for precise weighing. It can be easily assembled by hands.Compact Housing, High Portability

The compact housing is one of the advantages of ViBRA AJ series. The space-saving design enables you to instal it even in small space. Furthermore you can bring it everywhere you want with optional rechargeable battery.
Connection with Outside Devices

RS232C interface is installed as standard feature in every models of ViBRA AJ series. You can connect the balance to outside devices like PC.

3/ Phân biệt dòng cân VIBRA SHINKO CHÍNH HÃNG (JAPAN) & HÀNG GIẢ (CHINA)vibra-shinko-tuning-fork

2/ Vibra Shinko AJ Series- Specifications:

Models AJ-220E AJ-320E AJ-420E AJ-620E AJ-820E AJ-1200E
Capacity 220g 320g 420g 620g 820g 1200g
Readability (d) 0.001g 0.001g 0.001g 0.001g 0.01g 0.01g
Repeatability 0.001g 0.001g 0.001g 0.001g 0.01g 0.01g
Linearity ±0.001g ±0.001g ±0.001g ±0.002g ±0.01g ±0.01g
Stabilization time 2.5 sec. 2.5 sec. 2.0 sec. 2.0 sec. 2.0 sec. 2.0 sec.
Pan size 118mm dia 118mm dia 118mm dia 118mm dia 170×142mm 170×142mm
Calibration External External External External External External

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– Highly precise analytical balances and laboratory scales from Ohaus and The perfect weighing solution when absolute precision is a must, Analytical Series Balances offers you versatility. With eight models, each with four cursor keys to provide easy navigation.
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– The type of Model/Series Sale!Vibra Shinko AJ SERIES AJ220E – AJ420E – AJ620E₫18 ₫15 by Golden Lotus Weighing Indicator for all weighing.


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