Precision CAS CAU Analytical Balance

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CAS CAU Analytical Balance

Analytical Balance with specific gravity enabled. GLP/GMP/ISO calibration report (date & time with built-in clock). Analog bar graph display. Clock-CAL. Internal calibration. PCS fully automated calibration. Windows Direct. Below-Weigh hook. Piece counting and unit conversion. Interval timer. Backlight. RS-232C Interface for optional PC or printer.

Max Capacity: 120g ~ 320g

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Golden Lotus Balance Scale – 2016 CAS-CAUCategory: Laboratory Balances

Product Description

CAS CAU Analytical Balances are sophisticated balances with high stability, durability and provide speedy results. These Lab balances are equipped with a monolithic sensor, allowing the balances to be used in various environments.


  • Dual-range (CAUW-D)
  • Excellent repeatability and zero-return
  • Backlight/Clock-CAL (CAUW)
  • Easy level adjustment
  • Pouring mode / Formulation mode
  • Date output style optional
  • Windows Direct
  • Perfect self calibration (CAUW, CAUX)


  • Specific gravity measurement kit
  • Ionizer (Static remover “Stable-ex”)
  • Charging battery pack

– Available in a variety of sizes and capacities, CAS Precision Balances designed for a wide range of environments and applications, Analytical Balances are very accurate balances ideal for today’s laboratory requirements..
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CAS CAU Analytical Balance Sophisticated digital research laboratory Balances for any science or medical laboratory. additionally employed in pharmacies and anyplace wherever tight exactness may be a should.
Analytical Balances area unit terribly correct balances ideal for today’s laboratory necessities. These embody functions admire internal activity weights, one bit or automatic activity, counting, share modes, GLP software package, RS-232C communications to alternative peripherals and multiple weight modes.
Precision Balances area unit for laboratory work and extreme exactness deliberation as in deliberation of: Chemicals, little electronic elements, Precious stones, Seeds (in agriculture). Portable Balances area unit price effective and area unit ready to be rapt concerning the research laboratory or geographic point. appropriate for faculties or internal control.
– Part of the manufacturer information above may change without prior notice.
– Keep to connecting with Golden Lotus MEC / Lotus scales / Lotus weighing / Golden Lotus measuring equipment.
– The type of Model/Series CAS CAU Analytical Balance by Golden Lotus washdown weighing and waterproof Scales .


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