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The OHAUS CKW Checkweighing Scale – Speed, Durability and Cleanliness

The OHAUS CKW Series Scale models are engineered for static checkweighing operations and other bench weighing applications—from general purpose to washdown. With its easy-to-clean design built for food safety conformance and rigid stainless steel construction, the CKW Series scales are ideally suited for use in industrial environments. Its configurability and construction were designed for simplicity and dependability, resulting in increased productivity, security and lower cost of ownership.

Designed for fast configuration, ease of use and speedy cleaning:

•  Precision Resolution — The CKW Checkweigher features 1:6000 or 1:7500 maximum displayed readability with display speeds of 2 seconds or under. For legal-for-trade use, the CKW Checkweigher supports 1:3,000 operation.

•  Fast Target Entry — The CKW Checkweigher features a dedicated Target key and numeric keypad, allowing fast entry of checkweighing setpoint values.

•  Checkweigh Your Way — The CKW can be configured to checkweigh to meet your operational needs:

> Positive checkweighing for portioning and pre-packing

> Negative checkweighing for portioning out of boxes and other containers > Zero (or Net) Checkweighing for sorting and grading operations

> Target tolerances can be set as weight values or as %

>  The CKW Checkweigher can be set-up to tare the weight of containers using the dedicated Tare key on the indicator, automatically using the Auto-Tare software and/or using an external input like a footswitch (also available from OHAUS).

>  The CKW Checkweigher can be set-up in one or more weighing units: lb, oz, lb:oz, g, kg or % of target weight.

The CKW Checkweigher can also be set-up to alert your operators your way:

>  The tri-color LED bar graph can be set-up to display each of the 24 segments individually, by color block (yellow,

green and red), as a continuous bar, scaled to the capacity of the target weight, or it can be turned off.

>  The LED weight display can also be programmed to show a checkweigh indication of “over”, “under” or “accept”, or it can be turned off so no weight is displayed at all.

>  The CKW Checkweigher has a configurable audible beeper with selectable volume.

>  The CKW Checkweigher can drive external devices — such as light bars — using the optional External Relay kit.

•  Operator Lock-Out — Once the CKW Checkweigher is configured to your needs, it can be locked so that operators cannot accidentally change targets and settings.

•  Food-Safe Design — Built from food-safe stainless steel, the CKW Checkweigher includes an IP66/NEMA4X indicator, a base with an open framework that is designed for cleaning in washdown environments. Each base has rounded corners, an external platform skirt and drain holes to prevent accumulation of matter on the frame. The CKW Checkweigher is NSF listed and USDA-AMS certified — a design that supports HACCP systems.

•  Traceability and Connectivity — The CKW Checkweigher can provide GMP/GLP data (including time, date, and scale ID) for traceability using the configurable bi-directional RS232 (included), or can be connected to systems using an optional RS485/422 interface.

– Ohaus indicator is ideal for use in conjunction with bench and floor scales for standard industrial weighing applications in wet or damp work environments. With various customization and configurability options – parts counting, dynamic weighing, percent weighing, checkweighing, display hold for large containers and can meet traceability requirements.
– Multiple connectivity capabilities include built-in RS232 bi-directional interface and external input as well as optional RS422/485, second RS232 and AC or DC relay.
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