Label printing-Ishida – UNI-7 Pole Version Label Printing…

( The world Ishida – UNI-7 Pole Version Label Printing…


Touch Screen Display

Cassette System

Colour LCD Customer Display



Increasing sales through cross merchandising

The compact, low-profile UNI-7 uses a front cassette loading method, freeing up more counter space for displaying related products and making it easier to replace labels. Cross merchandising becomes more effective when using coupon labels.

Speedy operations

You can pull in more customers by inviting popular tenants or setting up stimulating store environments, because the UNI-7 can issue receipts as well as labels. With a quick automatic cutter (available for the elevator type) equipped with a receipt fall prevention function, the UNI-7 supports your speedy operations.

Multiple languages available

With the UNI-7, you can pre-select one of five languages listed on the selection screen. In the parameter settings, you can also select two languages to be printed at the same time, providing your customers with easy-to-follow displays and printing.

Visualizing food safety and security

The UNI-7 memory can be expanded up to 2GB,allowing you to appeal to your customers with visual information such as logos, messages, and data on traceability, ingredients and nutrition, which will be printed on labels.

The UNI-7 is a tool that strengthens the credibility of your stores.

Capacity & Increment 15kg/6kg x 5g/2g
NMI trade approved YES
Power Source 240V AC mains

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