KSB2R anti-vibration elastic joint

KSB2R anti-vibration elastic joint

KSB2R anti-vibration elastic joint.

Anti-vibration elastic joint M12, useful to reduce vibrations and improve weighing precision.


  • Applicable on SBxx series load cells, up to 2000kg.
  • Structure in steel/rubber.
  • Threading M12.
  • Optional fixing bush.

Available versions
Code Description
KSB2R Steel/rubber M12 elastic joing for SBX/SBK cell up to 2000kg.

Locking bush for SBX/SBK cells
Code Description
BLKM12 Nickel-plated steel M12 bush for SBH load cells.
BLKM12I Stainless steel M12 bush for SBX/SBK load cells.

All the specifications and images can be subject to variations and upgrades without prior notice.

Golden Lotus Accessories and Cables – under weighing.lotusscale.com cert., KSB2R anti-vibration elastic joint Dini Argeo load cell by Diniargeo made in Italy (EU type).

KSB2R anti-vibration elastic joint Alu, stainless steel and alloy approved load cells, suitable for approved scales, or for weighing tanks and hoppers, with the aid of its accessories. Stainless steel compression load cells suitable for weighing, Digital version of compression load cells, 4000 divisions, Compression load cell for CE-M approved weighbridges, tanks, silos, etc. DiniArgeo Accessories and Cables suitable for weighing belts, hoppers, tanks and mixers with small or medium size.

* Golden Lotus Loadcell products post at Lotusscale.com is under sale right by “Golden Lotus M.E.C” we distribute DiniArgeo Scales and DiniArgeo Loadcells in Asia, Southern Vietnam and can advise product solutions, products and services. Feel free to contact us: hsv@hoasenvang.com.vn / or Call us: 8428 3511 7799 (GMT +7).


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