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FZ-i Series Precision Balances

The FZ-i Precision Balance brings top of the range performance to the price conscious. The FZ-i series’ easy one touch internal calibration system provides high reliability & fail safe calibration. Featuring 1 second stabilisation with the C-SHS Weight Sensor. 

PLEASE NOTE The Trade Approval capacities and resolutions table is at the bottom of this page.


NMI Trade Approved for FZ-300i & FZ-3000i models

Industry leading 5 years warranty

One touch internal calibration

Compact B5 Size Footprint brings minimal impact to your work environment

Fast Stabilisation Time of 1 second makes the unit ideal for high speed applications

Shock Absorber Function prevent damage due to accidental overloading

Choice of multiple weighing units including counting and percentage

Complies with GLP,GMP,GCP and ISO laboratory systems

Environment Setting allows set up to suit the operation area

Automatic Count Accuracy Improvement ensures optimum counting accuracy

Animal Weighing Function for weighing unstable samples

Statistical Calculation Function provides full stats reporting

Comparator Function allows the FZ-i to be used for filling or grading

Standard Small Breeze break on all models

Underhook weighing for testing density or weighing magnetic material

Quick USB Interface (Option)

LAN-Ethernet Interface (Option)

Rechargeable Battery (Option)

Model & Capacity

Model Capacity







Trade 320g x 0.01g

Trade 3200g x 0.1g

Non Trade 320g x 0.001g

Non Trade  520g x 0.001g

Non Trade 3200g x 0.01g

Non Trade 5200g x 0.01g

Additional Information


When a balance receives a certificate of approval from NSC/NMI it will be approved under a certain class of accuracy which determines the parameters that the machine needs to meet when submitted for trade stamping.

One of the key parameters that will apply is the verification interval which is the minimum increment that the balance can be approved to. Given the high number of divisions displayed by a balance the verification interval for trade will always differ from the best increment of the balance. An example would be in the case of the GX-2000 where the balance can be read to 0.01 g but the verification interval when the machine is stamped for trade is 0.1 g. 

Most of the balances will still display the non significant digit, normally highlighted by a bracket or similar, but some balances such as the Class III EK-i will drop the last digit completely, while the EW-150i drops an entire range. It is important to remember that the verification digit is the one to which the balance is certified, to make things clearer we have listed the trade approved balances below complete with their approval accuracy class and verification digit.

trade approved balances

NMI trade approved YES
Power Source 240V AC adaptor

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