CAS NC-1 Digital Crane Scale

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CAS NC-1 Digital Crane Scale

Crane Scale with an easy-to-read LCD display. Zero, Tare & Hold functions (Average & Peak Hold). Weight Back-up mode. Unit Conversion. Rechargeable Battery operated. Aluminium die-cast housing. Wireless remote control.

Max Capacity: 100 ~ 500kg

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Product Description

CAS NC-1 Digital Crane Scale is a battery operated electronic crane scale. Protected by a Weatherproof Cast Aluminum Case, this crane scale is durable in any type of weather. A wireless remote control makes use anywhere easy. With the push of a button you can tare your crane scale, switch between kg/lbs, and turn your crane scale on and off. Auto Zero Tracking and Auto Span Adjustment make weighing a cinch without having to do zero tracking manually. Also use a standard AC adapter to power your crane scale without the worry of the batteries running out of power when the low battery indicator appears.


  • Battery Operated with Low Battery Indication
  • Standard AC Adapter
  • Washdown Aluminum Case
  • On / Off, Zero, Tare, and Hold Functions
  • Unit selection (kg/lb)
  • Peak Hold Function
  • Average Hold Function
  • Easy-to-Read LCD Display with Backlight Feature
  • Auto Span Adjustment
  • Auto Zero Tracking
  • Wireless Remote Control

– Available in a variety of sizes and capacities, CAS Crane Scales designed for a wide range of environments and applications, from heavy weighing to tough industrial.
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– Hanging-type Scales CAS NC-1 Digital Crane Scale may be either mechanical or digital and square measure ideal for applications together with shops, deliberation crops, produce, fabrications, hearth extinguishers, animals and babies. Golden Lotus Crane scales square {measure} accustomed measure the load of a load because it is raised, usually by a crane, hoist or winch. These crane scales square measure applicable in industrial areas together with producing factories, recycle/scrap metal yards and additionally heavy-duty industrial plants. Some crane scales square measure equipped with wireless device operate that makes operations additional economical and safe.
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– The type of Model/Series CAS NC-1 Digital Crane Scale by Golden Lotus washdown weighing and waterproof Scales .


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