CAS MWP Digital Micro Weighing Scale

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Australasia Scales CAS MWP Lab Balance

High accuracy & increased resolution for precision weighing. Counting & Percentage Functions. Small and portable. AC & Battery operation.

Max Capacity: 300g ~ 3kg


Product Description

CAS MWP Digital Micro Weighing Scale can weigh & count in small increments making it very accurate. Large high contrast blue backlight LCD display. Total of 8 Switchable Units available. Counting, Weighing, Percentage Function Modes. MWP can also connect to a PC or Printer. Wind shield included. Ideal for hospital, pharmaceutical, & jewelry applications. Capacities 300g to 600g come with the round platter, 3kg models come with the square platter.


  • High accuracy
  • Weighing, Counting & Percentage Modes
  • Auto Power-Off, Auto Span Calibration, Auto Zero Tracking and Overload Alarm
  • Switchable Units g, ct, lb, oz, GN, ozt, dwt, tl
  • RS-232C interface (PC/Printer connection)
  • AC & Built-in Rechargeable Battery Operation
  • Bright blue backlight
  • Wind shield included

Additional Information


(H) 300g x 0.005g, (H) 3kg x 0.05, (H) 600g x 0.01g, (N) 300g x 0.01g, (N) 3kg x 0.1g, (N) 600g x 0.02g

Communication Ports

RS-232C Interface

Weighing Units

g, ct, lb, oz, GN, ozt, dwt, tl

Platform Size (mm)

300g ~ 600g: Φ116, 3kg: 124(W) x 144(D)

Product Dimensions (mm)

200(W) x 250(D) x 80(H)

Display Type

LCD Display

Display Digits

6 Digits

Power Source

AC Adapter 12V, DC/500mA, Internal rechargeable lead acid batter

Operating Temp.

0°C ~ 40°C

Product Weight (kg)

MWP-N: 1.3, MWP-H: 1.4

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