CAS CI-200S Digital Indicator

CAS CI-200S Digital Indicator The world Digital weighing indicator and Industrial indicator applications


CAS CI-200S Digital Indicator

Trade Approved. Multi-purpose stainless steel indicators with a choice of LCD or LED display. Numeric & function keys. Built-in rechargeable battery. Zero, Tare, Net, Stable, Hold, Unit (kg/lb). Limit (HI/LO), Counting & Percent modes. PC Command mode. RFI/EMI screened. RS-232 Interface. 6 & 4 wire load cell support.

Trade Approved

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Golden Lotus Weighing Indicator – 2016 CAS-CI-200SCategory: Digital Weighing IndicatorsTags: CAS, Count Mode, IP67, Numeric Keys, PC Command Mode, Percentage Mode, Rechargeable Battery, RS-232C, RS-422, RS-485, Stainless Steel, Trade Approved

Product Description

CAS CI-200S Digital Indicator series are compact weighing Indicators with stainless steel housing (IP67). CI-200S series comes in 2 models, LED version (CI-201S), LCD version (CI-200S. 6 wire and 4 wire load cell support and PC command mode. Applicable for various weighing applications, with the added flexibility of manually setting functions via numeric keys. The CI-200S series has an internal rechargeable battery and is highly portable and ideal for wet & harsh environments.


  • Trade Approved
  • Waterproof (IP67) & Stainless Steel construction
  • Simple and prompt full digital calibration
  • High A/D conversion speed (80 times/sec)
  • High resolution 1/10,000
  • Multiple calibration
  • Weight back-up function
  • Numeric keys & function keys
  • Power supplies (DC adaptor, built-in rechargeable battery)
  • 4 & 6 wire load cell support
  • 2 serial ports (Standard: 1 port, Option: 1 additional port for PC, Printer, Remote display communication, etc)
  • Up to 19 Product ID input
  • Interface (Standard: RS-232C, Option: RS-422, RS-485)
  • PC command mode
  • Multiple weights setup functions
  • System functions: count, percent, summation (only for LCD)


  • LED or LCD Display
  • 1 Additional serial port

– Available in a variety of sizes and capacities, Weighing indicator designed for a wide range of environments and applications, deal for today’s laboratory , industrial and retail appls..
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– Weighing parts CAS CI-200S Digital Indicator Digital weighing indicators to suit various requirements and applications, such as process control, parts counting, check weighing, truck weighing – single or multi deck, onboard weighing, filling, batching, luggage weighing, summing and much more. Our high-performance digital indicators can be found working across many industries, controlling the weighing function in manufacturing, packing, bulk handling and logistics operations etc. Our weight indicators can offer a comprehensive range of functionalities, from basic indicators for simple weight routines, to static check-weigh applications.
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– Keep to connecting with Golden Lotus MEC / Lotus scales / Lotus weighing / Golden Lotus measuring equipment.
– The type of Model/Series CAS CI-200S Digital Indicator by Golden Lotus weighing indicator and Multi Indicator for use


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