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A&D Fs-i Wet Area Checkweighing Scale

A&D FS-i Wet Area Checkweighing Food scale is ideal for use in the Meat/Poultry Industry, Fishing Industry, Raw Product Packaging, Processed Vegetables, Chemical Industry, Filling Applications, Product Grading and other Washdown areas. The FS-i wet area Checkweighing scale has a number of great features including ultra fast half a second weighing, a 100 position memory function and a rechargeable battery as standard.

Max Capacity: 6 – 30kg

Trade Approved


Product Description

A&D Fs-i Wet Area Checkweighing Food Scale.  High visibility LED indicator lights and Analogue Sweep display make this unit the obvious choice for any product packaging or grading requirement. The three weighing ranges within each capacity make the FS-i an extremely flexible weighing unit which can be configured for your particular application. The FS-i comes in three separate capacity models of 6kg, 15kg or 30kg.


  • Trade Approved in Australia with 2 years Warranty
  • Ultra Fast Weighing: Stability in half a second
  • IP-65 Dustproof and Waterproof
  • Comparator Function: Pack to Preset Targets
  • Large Indicator Lights: Displays a HI OK or LO Result Against Your Targets
  • Analogue Sweep Display (ASD): Ideal for Target Filling with a Fast Flowing Product
  • Backlight Function: Great for Poorly Lit Work Areas
  • Three Weighing Resolutions (Triple Range)
  • Choice of Power Supplies: Both AC or Battery Power Available
  • Rechargeable Battery: Supplied as Standard
  • Up to 80 Hours from Single Charge
  • Auto Power Off Function: Preserves Battery Life by Switching Off if Inactive
  • Memory Function: 100 Target Weight Memory Positions
  • UFC Function: Flexible Setup of print output


  • FS – 03i RS232C + Relay Output
  • FS – 04i RS422/485 + Relay Output

Additional Information


15kg x 5g, 30kg x 10g, 6kg x 2g

Protection Class


Platform Size (mm)

Ki 250 x 250, Ki-L 380 x 300

Product Dimensions (mm)

Ki 250(W) x 414(D) x 496(H), Ki-L 380(W) x 464(D) x 496(H)

Product Weight (kg)

Ki 8.1kg, Ki-L 15kg

Trade Approved


NMI Certification No.


Product Options

RS-232C + Relay Output, RS-422/485 + Relay Output

Display Type

3 Colour (HI/OK/LO) Backlight, LCD Display

Display Digits

7 Segment

Power Source

AC main, Rechargeable Battery

Operating Temp.

-10˚C – 40˚C

Weighing Units


Display Symbols

HI/OK/LO, Low Battery Indicator, Net, Stable, Zero

Display Keys

On/Off, Print, Tare, Units, Zero

Communication Ports

RS-232 Interface, USB


Buzzer, Checkweighing, Comparator Function, Disabling Keys, Memory Function, UFC Ticket Formatting

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