3590ETPBOXRFID: version fitted with RFID automatic recognition reader.

  • EC Type Approval (EN45501)
  • OIML R76
  • OIML R134 (AF09)
  • 2 RS232 serial ports, for connection to printer, PC or PLC, radio module and optional interfaces.
  • 1 RS485/RS232 serial port, for connection to printer, remote scale, badge reader, or digital load cells.
  • Fitted keyboard emulation input, for barcode/badge readers or external PC keyboard, through cable with mini DIN connector (optional).
  • 4 optoisolated outputs.
  • 2 optoisolated inputs.

Self-service system for weighbridge management, complete with 5,7″ TOUCH SCREEN and thermal printer, integrated in a sturdy stainless steel case. Standard fitted with RFID reader. CE-M approvable.


  • Satin stainless steel sturdy case, complete with electromechanical and power supply unit for integrated devices.
  • Sheet steel protection visor against sun and rain.
  • 5,7″ backlit touch screen display.
  • Completely customizables visualizations.
  • QWERTY, AZERTY o QWERTZ keyboard integrated in the touch screen, selectable.
  • RFID reader integrated, with a reading capacity of about 30mm distance.
  • Fitted with alibi memory.
  • Quickly selection of the visualized language.
  • Thermal printer fitted with paper cutter. Print speed >50mm/sec., 203 dpi resolution, 24/40 columns, 60mm paper width.
  • Completely customizables tickets.
  • AF03 software for weighbridges, standard configurated for self-service use.
  • 230Vac power supply.


  • Clearing, Automatic Tare, Presettable Tare, locked, unlocked tare.
  • Management of the main digital load cells available on the market.
  • Automatic acquisition of the operator and vehicle data, through magnetic badge, for storage of input/output weighs.
  • Management of vehicles with trailer also on 2 scales (tractor is weighed on scale 1 + trailer is weighed on scale 2)
  • Database of 500 customers/suppliers with two alphanumeric descriptions of 20 characters, input and output total, net total, weighs total.
  • Database of 500 articles with alphanumeric description of 20 characters, input total, output total, net total, weighs total.
  • Database of 500 vehicles with alphanumeric description of 20 characters, plate (10 crt), linked tare, input total, output total, net total, weighs total.
  • 6 levels of totals zeroable and printable in an independent way: partial total, general total, grand total, customer total, article total, vehicle total.
  • Printing of complete database reports or just the handled articles.
  • Automatic printing with completely configurable layout.
  • Possibility to set a password to access the SETUP.

Self-service system for weighbridges: Available versions
  Code Description
3590ETPBOXRFID Self-service system with RFID reader. AF03 software for weighbridge management.

Software for compiling the databases
  Code Description
DBM PC software for the quick compiling of the databases. For 3590Exx and CPWExx instruments.

Software for the customization of the TOUCH screen
  Code Description
DDT Software for the quick customization of the touch screen display. For 3590ET and 3590EGT series indicators.

Storing the weighs (only at time of order)
  Code Description
USBDIN (S1) RS232 external module for data storing on USB key, for DIN bar. Key included.
SWM WeiMonitor PC program for monitoring and recording weighs in real time, from one or more scales.

Communication Interfaces
  Code Description
SETHDIN-1 (S1) External RS232 / RS485 to Ethernet converter. Connectable to all Dini Argeo weight indicators via the serial port. ABS case for Omega / DIN bar
SETHNET (S1) External RS232/Ethernet interface. Suitable for creating multi-operator weighbridge systems in a network. Compatible only with the AF03 software.

Consumable materials
  Code Description
RPT60 Thermal paper roll 80m long, 60mm wide. NET price. 13mm hole, 80mm external diameter.

(*) Net price

Other options
  Code Description
RFIDCARD Set of 10 RFID Cards for use with swipe reader.

Golden Lotus Indicator – under cert., 3590ETPBOX “TOUCH”: SELF-SERVICE SYSTEM FOR WEIGHBRIDGES, WITH COLOUR TOUCH SCREEN Weighing indicator by Diniargeo made in Italy (EU type).
Digital weight indicator with a big display, suitable for advanced industrial applications. It allows the visualization of all the weighing data and the customization of the screens, simplifying the user operations. Fitted with 3 serial ports, transmission protocols for data communication, completely configurable printouts, integrated alibi memory, and port for connection to barcode/badge reader. 3590ETPBOX “TOUCH”: SELF-SERVICE SYSTEM FOR WEIGHBRIDGES, WITH COLOUR TOUCH SCREEN Diniargeo Weight indicator for ATEX 2 & 22 areas classified at risk of explosion. Protection methods according to ATEX II 3G Ex nR IIB T6 Gc X for gases and ATEX II 3D Ex tc IIIC T135°C Dc IP68 X for dust. Suitable for advanced industrial applications, under CE-M approvable (OIML R-76 / EN 45501).

* Golden Lotus Indicator products post at is under sale right by “Golden Lotus M.E.C” we distribute DiniArgeo Scales and DiniArgeo Indicators in Asia, southern Vietnam and can advise product solutions, products and services. Feel free to contact us: [email protected] / or Call 848 3511 7799 (GMT +7)


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