Counting scales-A&D – GX Series Precision Balances

( The world Industrial weighing A&D – GX Series Precision Balances

A&D – GX Series Precision Balances

High Resolution

High speed response

Automatic Internal Calibration System

NMI Trade Approved

  • New patented weighing mechanism Super Hybrid Sensor (SHS)
  • Ultra Fast response speed – typically just one second.
  • Standard RS232C serial data interface
  • Rugged aluminium alloy enclosure.
  • 15 weighing units plus counting, percentage and user programmable.
  • Wide range of capacities and resolutions.
  • Built in under hook capability.
  • Counting has A.C.A.I. feature for optimum results.
  • Overload protected to take hard use.
  • Automatically adjusts the environmental settings to match your site.
  • Last digit blanking via keypad if desired.
  • GLP data output format to suit quality systems.
  • Sealed keypad gives IP-54 protection level.
  • One touch calibration using internal motor driven mass.
  • Built in animal weighing software.
  • Breeze break is standard with the GX-200/400/600.
  • Supplied with free Windows Communication Tools (WinCT) software.
  • Trade Approved N.S.C. Certificate 6/4C/219
  • NOTE: Please note that the GX-800 and GX-1000 models are not trade approved.



Model Capacity
GX-200 210g x 0.001g
GX-400 410g x 0.001g
GX-600 610g x 0.001g
GX-800 800g x 0.001g
GX-1000 1000g x 0.001g
GX-2000 2100g x 0.01g
GX-4000 4100g x 0.01g
GX-6100 6100g x 0.01g
GX-8000 8100g x 0.1g
NMI trade approved YES
Power Source 240V AC adaptor
Properties Cast Alloy Frame with Internal Calibrating System

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