CAS HC Canister Load Cell

CAS HC Canister Load Cell The world Digital Load cells for Balances and Industrial weighing loadcell applications


CAS HC Canister Load Cell

Canister Load Cell. Material: Paint Finished Steel. Hermetically sealed compression load cell. Applications: Platform, Hoppers, Tank and Weighbridge. Protection Class IP67.

Capacity: 20kg ~ 200ton

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Golden Lotus Loadcell – 2016 CAS-HCCategory: Load CellsTags: Hermetically sealed, Lightning Proof, Weighbridge

Product Description

CAS HC Canister Load Cell is a Compression Type Load Cell. The HC Canister Load Cell is constructed with Paint Finished Steel. Hermetically sealed Compression load cell that is ideal for Platform scales, Hoppers, Tanks and Weighbridges. Dust and Water protected (Protection Class IP67) Capacities ranging from: 20kg ~ 200ton

HC Canister Load Cell Features:

  • Compression load cell
  • Hermetically sealed
  • Material: Paint Finished Steel
  • High accuracy grade
  • Option: Ex ia IIC T6
  • Protection Class IP67

HC Canister Load Cell Applications:

  • Platform Scales
  • Hoppers
  • Tank
  • Truck/Weighbridge

– Available in a variety of sizes and capacities, Weighing loadcell designed for a wide range of environments and applications, deal for today’s laboratory , industrial and retail appls..
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– Weighing parts CAS HC Canister Load Cell Large selection of Single Point, Shear Beam, Bending Beam, S-Type, Canister, Low Profile and Weighbridge Load Cells for various compression and tension weighing applications. Load cells are sensors for measuring load or force which are frequently used both in academic studies/ laboratories and in industrial facilities, storage tanks, silos, actuators, pistons. Load Cells consists of models which works in compression only, tensioncompression or measuring in special geometries like bending or shear.
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– The type of Model/Series CAS HC Canister Load Cell by Golden Lotus weighing loadcells and load-pin


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